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A Better Life

EZ Technologies, a Swiss owned company conducts research into the biological effects of radiation from consumer products and develops solutions that protect user wellbeing. One area of our focused research is in balancing the effects of mobile device radiation on the brain. In line with this, EZ Technologies partners with cellphone manufacturers and carriers to build solutions for safer consumer devices. As innovators in the field of technology safety, our scientists conduct extensive tests on the methods and instruments used for measuring the effects of radiation on the brain. This expertise leads to better, safer technologies while also helping to fine-tune the form and function of next-generation mobile technologies.


The Bodywell InteliCard, state of the art technology that researches and develops products to facilitate healthier lifestyles in a digital world. The Card is manufactured in Switzerland and tested by FCC-certified labs in the United States.


Bodywell is a Proprietary technology where information is invisibly encoded just like music is being encoded on a CD


The Card is powered by the proprietary MobileTek technology, which is scientifically proven to reduce absorption of low-frequency radiation.


The Bodywell Intelicard sticks directly to your phone or phone-case and is designed to last the lifespan of your mobile phone.


Whether your cellphone has full signal or is using max power to find one, your Bodywell InteliCard will provide the appropriate frequency to reduce radiation absorption.

Bodywell is an external intelligent card that is designed with your convenience and mobility in mind.

From its sleek size —hardly larger than a SIM card—to its easy peel-and-place application, the Bodywell InteliCard fits directly on any phone or phone case of any size.

With the little card in place, your cellphone looks, feels and performs at its optimal level with zero interference. 

The Bodywell InteliCard can be placed on the surface, on the phone case or in the battery case of any mobile device.